The Parkland Trumpet


Current Editors

Co-Editors in Chief- Rae Holly and Riddhi Doshi
Features - Nadia Boekenkamp
News - Brian Tom
Opinion - Aditya Misra
Entertainment - Veronica Trask
Sports - Ryan McGowan

Adviser: Mrs. Shirley Thomas

Our Staff-

Our staff is an ever-changing, growing group of students from the Parkland High School community in grades 10 through 12. We are composed of a diverse group of readers, writers and overall "newshounds" who all share a common love of staying in the know and getting the word out. 

Are you interested in joining The Parkland Trumpet's award-winning staff? Talk to your guidance counselor!
It is recommended that as an incoming freshman, you take the Journalism elective, as it is a prerequisite to being on staff. 
Once you fulfill that requirement, Trumpet/Newspaper is a full year elective, meeting every day in D131 (the shared Newspaper/Yearbook room - "The Publication Lab") for a single period. It counts as 1 credit.

Do you have what it takes to become part of this leading publication? We sure hope so. 
The Trumpet is a High School publication for Parkland High School.